Kevin Munn, CPA

Kevin Munn, CPA


Kevin is a senior field examiner working in loan situations that require a range of experience, knowledge and communication skills developed over years of serving in various accounting fields. He serves primarily under the Lender Analytics Group at Bluewater.


Kevin has held senior field examiner positions with national lending institutions, as well as an underwriting position providing additional insight on survey and other exams. The experience gained from handling all aspects of survey exams, including interacting with legal and underwriting functions, gives Kevin a broad view facilitating an efficient and comprehensive end product. Extensive experience in private industry provides Kevin with a better understanding of the viewpoint and issues of the clients served.


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Appalachian State University. Kevin started his career in public accounting in the audit division with Price Waterhouse, earning his CPA certificate while working with privately and publicly held companies. He spent over 9 years with a large, national lender, CIT Business Credit, where he served as a field examiner and underwriter. Kevin handled larger survey exams, and worked on the underwriting, field exam, and closing process on a number of transactions. He has significant experience in troubled loans as the CIT tenure was during a difficult time for many medium to large borrowers with a number of bankruptcies encountered.