Robert Bowles, CFE Robert Bowles, CFE

Robert Bowles, CFE


Robert is the Bluewater founder and executive director. When he's not holding the tiller, you can find him swabbing the decks. He specializes in helping guide other ships through the fog, resolving complex finance dilemmas, and making transactions profitable for both parties.


For the past several years, Bluewater has developed a specialty of servicing high risk and troubled commercial loan accounts. Robert has overseen numerous forensic accounting examinations and has been retained by counsel for fraud investigation expertise. His efforts have directly led to the recovery of millions of dollars in misappropriated assets.


Since founding Bluewater in 2001, Robert has become a recognized leader in ABL collateral evaluation for some of the nation's leading banks and lenders. Robert is a member of the Asset Based Lending Alliance and the Turnaround Management Association. Robert earned his Bachelor of Accountancy from the highly accredited Walsh College of Troy, Michigan. He is married, with four children.