Bluewater provides an opportunity to engage in an experience that inspires those we encounter to move toward their personal and our collective fulfillment using practical communication, welcoming diverse perspective and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Lender Analytics | 'lendar ,ana'lidiks | noun

The assessment and evaluation of loan collateral to strengthen confidence in the borrowing base and maximize the lender's return on investment.


Our lender analytics team is made up of a diverse group of leading industry experts with the proper skills to investigate and analyze complex information, leaving no stone unturned.

Information Technology
Entertainment Media
Life Science

Consulting | Kan'saltiNG | noun

Creative and innovative collaboration and process development to identify and meet the unconventional needs of an entity.


Our Consulting group advises one, both, or all parties through complex business and financial transactions. We formulate strategy, innovate financial structures, and negotiate favorable terms. Our executive consulting teams also specialize in rapid salvage of distressed transactions through forensic accounting, investigation, and relationship buffering.

Due Diligence

We get our waders on and methodically slog through the financial detail and history that only the sturdiest auditors can stomach.

Bluewater due diligence combines granular data analysis with experienced intuition to sniff out opportunity and expose lurking surprises. It doesn't stop there. When important discoveries are made, we generate quick strategies to convert those relations into occasions for a more profitable transaction.

Forensic Accounting

Bluewater forensic investigators are Certified Fraud Examiners [CFEs], experts in financial evidence reconstruction. We serve legal counsel with comprehensive litigation support and expert witness testimony.

We employ wickedly advanced technologies and techniques to rapidly mine and map volumes of electronic accounting data, properly interpreting findings. We also assist clients in developing proactive systems for the early detection and prevention of fraud.

Fraud Investigation

When suspicions of financial misrepresentations first surface, time is everything. Bluewater is prepared for inquiry within hours, not days, so your asset recovery is maximized.

Our on-staff Certified Fraud Examiners [CFEs], are equipped for rapid deployment to unravel complex transactions and reconstruct paper trails. Each Bluewater CFE is experienced in litigation support and in expert witness testimony.

Who We Are

Launched in 2001 by Robert Bowles as a modest, spare bedroom collateral evaluation firm, our very first customer is still with us today. With that same dedication to integrity, we now serve international, national, and regional commercial borrowers and lenders.


In recent years, Bluewater has focused its expertise in relieving the angst of high-risk, high-profile transactions. We understand that real-time data, clearly articulated, is just as critical to our clients as a reliable bottom line calculation.

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